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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS limits?

Elliot Peele wrote:

On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 18:55 -0500, Ken Preslan wrote:

On Tue, Jul 13, 2004 at 03:22:51PM -0700, Don MacAskill wrote:

Does GFS somehow get around the 1TB block device issue? Just how large can a single exported filesystem be with GFS?

On Linux 2.4-based kernels, the limit is 1TB. On 2.6-based kernels, the limit is 8TB on 32-bit systems and some really large number (at least exabytes) on 64-bit systems.

The file system size limit under 2.4 is 2TB, this can be changed to 4TB
if your kernel has the LBD (Large Block Device) patches. Really to only
change is using a unsigned int instead of a signed int.

There are rpms for GFS for 2.4.21-15.EL. I have kernel packages for
2.4.21-15.EL that have xfs and lbd patches if you want them.


I'd love to take a look at the LBD patches, yes. I've currently got systems with 2 1.2TB filesystems attached, and I'd really like to use md or LVM or something to combine them to be one fs. But that goes beyond the 2TB limit.... :)

I'm on 2.4.21-15.0.3.EL right now, but I can hop back a revision to play with this.

I wish we could use XFS, but until RH supports it, I'm afraid it's a no-go. Sucks, too, since I had to migrate many TBs of storage from XFS to ext3 when we moved from SuSE Enterprise to RHEL3. What a pain...



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