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[Linux-cluster] GFS configuration help


Need your help for my proposed setup below.

1. machine1 is the host server that is connected to the SAN, mounts the filesystem. This
machine has read-write capability on the filesystem.
2. machine2, machine3, machine4 etc..  are the servers that mounts the same filesystem
with read only capability. they are connected to a fiber switch.
3. future machines will be connected to the switch to mount the same filesystem as read

Upon reading various docs, it says that i have to configure clustering? I'm not sure if
that is needed in my setup. All i want to do is to emulate NFS capability, but instead of
using the network, my machines are connected directly to the SAN. I might be wrong?

Btw, i'm running RH ES 3.0 and has the GFS rpms from Redhat. I've installed it fine but I
have no idea on how to configure it. 

I hope you can help me with any information you can give.


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