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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS limits?

> It's forseeable in the future, though, to where we can't push these
> linear writes to disk fast enough as people upload photos.  Either the
> interface (GigE, iSCSI, Fibre Channel) isn't fast enough or whatever.
> It's way out in the future, but it'll come faster than I like to think
> about.
> In that case, we need a nice way to spread those writes across multiple
> disks/servers/whatever.  GigE bonding might solve it temporarily, but
> that can only last so far.


It seems you want something more like Lustre (http://www.lustre.org/):

	"The central target in this project is the development of Lustre, a
	next-generation cluster file system which can serve clusters with
	10,000's of nodes, petabytes of storage, move 100's of GB/sec with
	state of the art security and management infrastructure."


Evolution: Taking care of those too stupid to take care of themselves.

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