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[Linux-cluster] rgmanager pre-commit

Here's the RM I've been working on:


README (ie, we know it's broken; read this first):


Example stuff:


It's *not* stable (= barely runs in some cases), but should give insight
as to where we were going with it.  I will be OOTO next week, so let the
forest fire begin.  It will be a few more weeks before this is
integrated into the main project, and the name is probably going to
change as well as some of the thread nastiness.  Please read the README

Basically, tree-structured, user-configurable resource groups - similar
to the way clumanager 1.x handled them, only a lot more flexible - and
if you don't like the way they're structured, you can edit the rule sets
defining how they're structured to your liking.

/me revs up his ZX6

-- Lon

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