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Re: [Linux-cluster] unresolved symbol

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 05:21, chloong wrote:
> hi Johnny,
> I  had tried using your bin, both i386 & i686, but still have the same 
> problem.
> BTW, how could i know what target should i use? i am running on a x86 
> platform and i compile the kernel myself and i select the cpu type as 
> 386 family with no smp support.
> the kernel source i downloaded from rpmfind. The version is 
> kernel-2.4.21-15.0.3.EL.src.rpm. I used back the kernel config file 
> provided from this rpm and changed it to no smp support.
OK, did you build a kernel rpm and install it ... if so, what was the
name of the kernel's rpm.

Is this on RHEL or a clone like WBEL/CentOS/TaoLinux?

> Everything are fine after reboot using this kernel. Then i compile the 
> gfs source from your side. The compilation was successful. After 
> installation, when i do a depmod -a, it still gave me unresolved symbol 
> for gfs modules....
I installed:

Then do a:

depmod -a

No errors...

Johnny Hughes

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