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Re: [Linux-cluster] GNBD: cannot connect to cluster manager ...Operation not permitted

On Jul 22, 2004, at 5:20 AM, Gabriel Wicke wrote:

On Wed, 2004-07-21 at 02:00 +0200, Christian Zoffoli wrote:
Benjamin Marzinski wrote:
If you do not want to enable multipathing or run GFS on the gnbd server,
you can just add a -c to your export line.

...I need multipathing ;) ...with -c it works


# cpt null

if you get something like

Connect failure: Operation not permitted

Yes, I get a message like this one.

then either cman isn't running on the node, or magma cannot connect to it.
If cman is running correctly (check you logs) Then look in
/usr/lib/magma/plugins. You should have a sm.so file there. If not, you need
to install the magma plugins, which are located in /cluster/magma-plugins.

cman is running and I have a sm.so plugin

On my system (debian unstable) it expects the plugin folder
in /lib/magma/plugins, you could add a symlink and see if it works. Else
you can run a test program from the magma source dir, magma/tests/cpt
null. Stracing this will show you the place it's looking for (will show
an ENOENT near the end of the strace).
The reason for this problem seems to be the usage of $libdir in the
magma-plugins makefiles or somesuch.

I noticed the configure scripts are not always consistent WRT %{libdir}. I believe this may be causing some of the confusion... As stated, the symlinks will work, but I intend to correct the configure scripts in cvs soon.


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