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RE: [Linux-cluster] GFS: FS Mounting Issues

Our node names are in the form:  pe2650-ox.fidnet.com

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On Mon, Jul 26, 2004 at 12:41:24PM -0500, Robert wrote:
>    We  have  not  had any problems getting the shared devices, pools, and
>    filesystems  created  as  followed in the documentation.  What we have
>    happening  is  that  when  we mount the GFS filesystem on one node and
>    then  we  try  and mount the filesystem on the second node, the second
>    node  will  hang  when issued the command to mount the filesystem.  No
>    errors  are reported on console or in logs.  No errors are reported in
>    the Lock Server either.  Everything appears to be working correctly as
>    the  log  information  for both machines at that instant are the same,
>    ie, the one that is hung, has the same log messages as the one that is
>    not hung.

How long are the names of your nodes?  There is a name length issue in the
6.0 code where the first 8 bytes of each node in you cluster needs to be

See bugzilla: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=127828

Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra
I always wanted to be a procrastinator, never got around to it.

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