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Re: [Linux-cluster] EDEADLOCK status in dlm

On Tue, Jul 27, 2004 at 08:28:20AM -0400, Jeff wrote:
> The dlm document describes a return status of EDEADLOCK
> and this is referenced in ast.c and a couple of the tests.
> Using the latest version of CVS (I'm pretty sure) I can't find
> the definition for EDEADLOCK in a header file. The only
> definition is in one of the tests (which doesn't build) and it
> defines it as SS$_DEADLOCK :-)

EDEADLOCK should be in /usr/include/errno.h (actually I think its 
asm/errno.h) so should not need to be defined by the dlm headers.
> [Neither of the tests in the dlm\tests\locktest directory
> compile cleanly]

That's quite probable, those are kernel modules written some
time ago. If you can be bothered to manually hook them into 
the kernel build system I think locktest.c should work. I might
get some time to fix the makefiles and old bits fixed in those but
it's not a priority.
I suspect pingtest only works on VMS by now :-)


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