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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS mount problem


Solved! The first 8 bytes of the node names are not equal!

M. Krietemeyer

Michael Krietemeyer wrote:

We have setuped our small 4-node cluster with the RedHat 2.4.21-15.0.3ELsmp Kernel and use the GFS 6.0.0-7 Package.

One cluster-node exports via gnbd two disks to the three other nodes. One of these exports is used as CCA-Device ond one for a GFS share.

Now we setup GFS like the example C.1. in the "Red Hat GFS 6.0 Administrator's Guide" (three nodes, each as LOCK_GULM Server and GFS Client, fence method: manual). All steps work fine, except the mount.
On the fist node, the mount works. The mount on the second node blocks, until the node one unmounts the gfs share. (Summary: Only one node can mount the share at the same time).

Can somebody help?

Michael Krietemeyer

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