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Re: [Linux-cluster] Compile problems with latest CVS

On Tue, Nov 02, 2004 at 10:56:33AM -0600, Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra wrote:
> you don't need to use the patches unless you want to try compiling
> static instead of modules.  You are a lot better off compiling the
> modules from the *-kernel directories. (configure --kernel_src=...;make)
Ahh, thanks.  From earlier references to locking, and my somewhat hazy memory of a kernel
patch for flock or something in, I thought I had to apply them anyway.

I've got it all compiled up and indeed it does compile (although I've commented out the
reference to mallocdbg.h in rgmanager, since I don't have that on my machine).

However, some of the modules refuse to load.

lock_dlm refuses to load because dlm refuses to load (and spouts a lot of dlm_<x> symbols as
a result).  

dlm in turn has refused to load because "Unknown symbol rcom_log_clear".  A grep of
/proc/kallsyms shows that there's nothing with 'rcom' let alone 'rcom_log'.  A google
suggests that rcom_log_clear used to be part of reccomms.c (and it is in my patched
kernel tree), but although it's still in the reccomms.h from CVS, it's not in reccomms.c
(I've just done an update to make sure).  The make for dlm.ko whines about a load of other
undefined symbols, kcl_<x>, but they are provided by cman - so I assume there's just
something missing in the MODPOST so that it doesn't find them.

I /think/ that this isn't my fault/problem, for a change, but am not totally confident of my

lock_gulm fails with "Cannot allocate memory" - but I think I used dlm for the gfs partition
I created under, and haven't tried to use gulm until now.

Hopefully you can point out what I've missed, and/or use this as useful feedback.



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