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Re: [Linux-cluster] high availability with GFS


From your e-mail I am really not sure what your intended goal is ? Do you have a shared storage device you want to make accessible through what ever Samba server is master ?

Check the list archives ... there is a issue with Samba and GFS, something about how Samba caches file metadata. Not sure if it affects you or not.


Markus Wiedmer - FHBB wrote:
hi all,

We are students of the University of applied Sciences in Basel. As a
project we are trying to realize a High-Availability Fileserver on
Linux. We want to use GFS for our Storage but we are having problems
in making it redundant.

We are running 2 Samba-Servers that achieve failover through
Heartbeat. Ideally, both servers should access the external storage through
GFS. We thought we could use the pool_tool or clvm for this, but AFAIK
both don't offer any redundancy, right?

Is there any way to make GFS-Nodes (preferably through GNBD)
redundant, so that a failure of a single node wouldn't affect the
whole storage? Of course we could employ RAID 1 or 5 on the nodes
themselves but that wouldn't save us in case the whole node fails.

Does anyone have any experience with this. Thanks in advance


-- Michael Gale Lan Administrator Utilitran Corp.

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