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[Linux-cluster] GNBD: interrupt bug.

I seem to have found a bug in GNBD that I'm wondering if anyone else
has noticed.  On a Linux 2.6.9 host, mounting a remote GNBD partition,
i am hitting the WARN_ON in linux's local_bh_enable()
(kernel/softirq.c:141).  This results in repeated stack dumps,
effectively locking up the host.

After a bit of looking, it would appear that do_gnbd_request() in
gnbd.c expects to be called with interrupts disabled.  Unfortunately,
the entry through generic_unplug_device does not disable interrupts
first, and so the gnbd code is disagreeing.  The specific code in
gnbd.c that is causing problems is:


I'm planning to look at this a bit more tonight, but thought I'd
quickly check if anyone had initial insight.  I'm not yet sure if the
bug is on the Linux or the gnbd side here.


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