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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS hangs after several hours

It sounds like the magma plugins can not be found - or are old.

ls /usr/lib/magma/plugins ?

Additionally, you may wish to check that there are no older versions of magma hanging around:

rm -rf /lib/*magma*


On Nov 12, 2004, at 10:06 AM, Brynnen R Owen wrote:

More information.

I may have had an old version of ccsd which allowed me to get the
cluster running in the first place.  I can't get that far now.

I have IPv6 compiled in the kernel but no IPv6 interfaces defined.
I've given ccsd the -4 flag.

Checking logs after "ccs_test connect" shows that ccsd does not
believe the cluster is quorate.

/etc/cluster/status says that the cluster has reached quorum.  The IP
addresses are appropriate (I have dual-NIC hosts).

I recompiled ccsd with "DEBUG=1" and found that the "quorate" variable
was never set in ccsd.  I further found that cluster_communicator()
never received a valid fd from clu_connect and was therefore stuck in
a loop.  clu_connect appears to be a magma call.

Any advice on how to proceed?

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