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Re: [Linux-cluster] unable to mount gfs partition

Thank you very much for replying to my post!

The fencing method is set to manual. Is there a way to
check what nodes are waiting for fencing to complete.
I didn't notice any such messages in /var/log/message

When I run `gulm_tool nodelist localhost` on the node
lock server(node1) is running it printed node1
information. It didn't indicate that node2 is pending
for fencing. Also, I tried fence_manual -s node2
earlier. The command just hung up without returning to
prompt. I terminated with ctrl-c.

Name: node2
  ip    =
  state = Logged in
  mode = Master
  missed beats = 0
  last beat = 1100816791202103
  delay avg = 10014958
  max delay = 10020006

I read in another post about loopback address problem:


It looks like node1 that is running lock_server picked
up Could this be the problem?

Thanks again for your help!


--- Michael Conrad Tadpol Tilstra
<mtilstra redhat com> wrote:

> On Thu, Nov 18, 2004 at 01:15:40PM -0800, Chicago
> Boy wrote:
> > lock_gulmd[18399]: You are running in Standard
> mode.
> > lock_gulmd[18399]: I am (clu2.abc.com) with ip
> > (
> > lock_gulmd[18399]: Forked core [18400].
> > lock_gulmd_core[18400]: ERROR [core_io.c:1029] Got
> > error from reply: (clu1:192.
> > 168.11.211) 1006:Not Allowed
> Typically means that the node is pending on a
> fencing action. (the node
> that is trying to login is expired, and cannot login
> until fencing
> completes.)
> run `gulm_tool nodelist localhost` on the first node
> to verify this.
> you'll then need to figure out why the fencing
> action didn't work.
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