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Re: [Linux-cluster] What is the status of GFS?

I've been lurking too and am also very interested hearing the official, up-to-date status of gfs on both RHEL3 and FC3.

We've managed to get GFS-6.0.0-15 working on RHEL3U3 with directly attached SAN storage. (3 nodes, shared disk array via FC HBAs, each node running lock_gulmd)

In my first round of benchmarks using bonnie++ on kernel 2.4.21-20.ELsmp, the 'many small files' tests didn't work out so well.

We're retesting now with kernel 2.4.21-25.ELsmp. So far everything seems stable and FS performance compared to stock ext3 seems decent.

- with bonnie++ running simultaneously on each machine, ext3 averages 77.10 MB/sec writing and 54.65 MB/sec reading.
- same setup/methodology with gfs manages 63.01 MB/sec avg for writing and 54.87 MB/sec avg for reading.


Naoki wrote:

Hi all,

I'm anxiously waiting for a good time to use GFS in some of my projects
but I'm a little concerned that it's just not ready. I've been lurking
on the list for a couple of months now and it seems everything from
copying files to using samba will cause hangs or panics. Is this because
people here are using fresh code from CVS or simply that it's not there


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