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[Linux-cluster] Cluster of different Architectures

I'm one of those people that like to find out if I can break things, and I want to find out if what I'm about to do has been tested at all....

Basically I'm about to shift from shared (sort of, long story but basically the hardware doesn't work) SCSI, to FCAL storage (hardware raid).

All good (I think) so far.

However, I've got my 2 PCs and a SunBlade 100.  The Sunblade was originally intended to do something else, but is now free.  Therefore I'm tempted to try to create a 3 node cluster using 2 PCs and an UltraSparc based computer

This means (I think), that I'm going to be trying to access the same data from not only a different CPU size (32 bit and 64 bit) but also, if I remember correctly, big endian and little endian.

So, is anyone else out there sick enough to have tried this?  Is the cluster framework going to work, and/or gfs?


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