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RE: [Linux-cluster] I/O problems with RHEL

As far as I know, 9i RAC without a clustered filesystem (GFS, OCFS etc)
cannot use
any normal filesystem. The sharede storage in a RAC setup is either RAW or a
clustered filesystem.

So, do you need GFS, not if you use raw disks. You just need to put the
binaries on
local node disks....


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Hi all,

 I have a very "heavy" problem with two nodes under Redhat Cluster Suite.

 In both nodes, I have installed an Oracle 9i (without RAC). When I try to
create a tablespace more than 256MB, two nodes reboots. I have using ext3
filesystem on shared storage. Problems seems to be with I/O  when I create
the tablespace that blocks quorum partitons and then both nodes reboots ....

 GFS can solve my problem ??? Where can I find information about this

Thank you very much for your help.  

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