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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS and vanilla kernel

Could you tell which Linux kernel and distribution you are using for your GFS? How many nodes? and what does your cluster.conf look like? Thanks!


At 21:28 2004-11-29 +0000, you wrote:
On Mon, Nov 29, 2004 at 07:02:48PM +0300, Anatoly Pugachev wrote:
> Hello!
> Any chance to install GFS over vanilla kernel ?
> Installation guide will be usefull too.
> Thanks.
> --
> Anatoly P. Pugachev

If you're looking at the CVS, the instructions in


are the steps you need to take.

To summarise:

use cvs to download latest source.
run configure in the relevant directories - telling it where the kernel source is.
Run make install
Create /etc/cluster/cluster.conf
startup cluster
create filesystems
mount filesystems.

I rebuilt mine a few days ago - from start to finish (including debian sarge install) it was a couple of hours from start to finish.


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