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RE: [Linux-cluster] Re: 2 Nodes, IDE, no SAN Solution?

> > If you are looking for cheap shared disk hardware, you can 
> get an external 
> > Firewire IDE disk. (e.g. Maxtor OneTouch allows 4 'logins' 
> to the drive)
> > I haven't tried it yet, but I guess GFS should be able to run on it.

> i hope it is not bound to a session id ...

> 13) Can I connect my Mac and PC to the dual FireWire ports on the OneTouch
drive at the same time?
> No

> 14) Can I connect two FireWire-enabled PCs or Macs to the external drive
at the same time?
> No

Build Your Own RAC Cluster on Linux and FireWire

FireWire Hard Drive
     - Maxtor One Touch 200GB USB 2.0 / Firewire External Hard Drive

	Ensure that the FireWire drive you purchase supports multiple
logins. If the drive has a chipset that does not allow for concurrent access
for more than one server, the disk and its partitions can only be seen by
one server at a time. Disks with the Oxford 911 chipset are known to work.
Here are the details about the disk that I purchased for this test:
Vendor: Maxtor
Model: OneTouch
Mfg. Part No. or KIT No.: A01A200 or A01A250
Capacity: 200GB or 250GB
Cache Buffer: 8MB
Spin Rate: 7200 RPM
"Combo" Interface: IEEE 1394 and SPB-2 compliant (100 to 400 Mbits/sec) plus
USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 compatible

I guess they mean that most filesystems don't handle it.

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