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[Linux-cluster] gfs + dlm, development and the future

Hi all,

I use last version from cvs gfs + dlm

All works very much not stably when the stable version approximately expects?

Here one of last problems:

It is started gfs cluster on 6 servers, on 6 servers it is mounted gfs
a disk and on 5 servers it is started apache service.
On one server run content switch software.

In editing a file (index.php) in mcedit we press F2 (save file) and we go to look the received result in web,
 in result we receive blocking on a file on one of servers, this
 problem only reboot a server is corrected.

If to write down a file and to leave from mcedit, then to wait for some seconds that
all works normally and it is blocked nothing.

I watch with for GFS c the beginnings of opening of a code, before used OGFS.

Very much it would be desirable to see the stable version.

It seems to me is necessary to give of more attention of stabilization
of one of protocols of blocking, and apparently all core team rushes
on inventing of new protocols.

Unfortunately, I not so know English, that all in detail to explain and understand architecture
work of protocols of blocking from the documentation.

If someone on russian has explained in what the basic problems consist,
I with pleasure would help with the decision of problems.

As for search of mistakes and their definition it would be desirable to have any helps.
Because of their absence it is the extremely difficult to inform you the true description of a problem.
I every day testing different variants and frequently meet different problems,
I think the information about problems would be useful to their decision.

С уважением,
Anton Nekhoroshikh
Руководитель проекта
отдела сложных телекоммуникационных систем 

тел. (095) 363 3 310
факс (095) 363 3 310
e-mail: anton hq 310 ru

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