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[Linux-cluster] GFS v5.2.1 lock_gulm ERROR


I am running GFS in a 5 node cluster on redhat 2.1 AS, from which
3 of them mounting gfs filesystem and all 5 are lock servers.
Occasionally i get following message into dmesg buffer. 

lock_gulm: ERROR On lock 0x474653200c00000000000001916d61696c64697266733000 fsid=maildirfs0: gulm_put_lock called while request is pending!

It appears on two nodes at aproximatelly same time. Another time on other or same two of gfs servers.
It is always the same lock number which appears in dmesg.

The filesystem remains available, bud ocasionally (once per two weeks)
it goes completely down without a possibility to access into mountpoint
directory and has to be rebooted :(

Can anybody help me with this problem?
What would be your advice to solve this problem?

Thaks for your answers

Ján Kudják
Consultant For Networking, RHCE/RHCX

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