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[Linux-cluster] Re: libdlm: one bug, one annoyance

On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 12:07:19AM -0400, Daniel Phillips wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> 1) Executing dlm_get_fd() as non-root returns -1 with errno of 0.  If
>    preceded by dlm_pthread_init(), errno is properly EPERM.

Thanks, it's fixed now.
> 2) libdlm won't link without libpthread, is this intentional?

It is. If you compile the library without -D_REENTRANT it should leave out the
pthread-required functionality, though whether this is worthwhile is open to
debate.	It would require a system to have two DLM libraries (much as some
libraries come in  libxxx & libxxx_r flavours).

It never really bothered me (nor anyone else AFAIK), libpthread is a very small
library (included in libc on some OSs) and if you're not using the pthread
routines in libdlm never called. It would be nice if the linker could spot
this, but the overhead is largely one of typing really.

Anyone else have any strong opinions on this ?



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