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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS on more simple performance numbers

On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 14:38, Kevin Anderson wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-10-15 at 19:15, Daniel McNeil wrote:
> > I had more time to test GFS.  Reminder of the setup
> > (note: I added more memory so the machines are up to 1GB).
> > 3 machines each:
> >         2 processor (800 MHZ Pentium 3)
> >         1GB of memory
> >         2 100Mb ethernet (1 public, 1 private)
> >         1 2-port Qlogic FC host adapter
> > 2 F/C sitches cascaded together
> > 1 - 10 disk - dual controller FASTT200 (36GB 10,000rpm drives)
> Is this the latest cvs version of cman, dlm and gfs?  

I have not updated my cvs for a couple of weeks.
Are there updates that are important?

> > 
> > The command run was 'time tar xf /Views/linux-; 
> > time sync' where /Views is an NFS mounted file system and 
> > the current working directory is in a clean file system on
> > a 5-disk stripe 64k stripe width).  For the 2 node case, 
> > I ran the command in separate directories on each node.
> > For comparison, the ext3 file system in on a single scsi
> > disk in data=ordered.
> Can you rerun the ext3 numbers to the same storage as GFS?  Would also
> be interesting to run from two nodes simultaneously to separate ext3
> filesystems on the storage as well?  Doing dd's of the logical
> partitions would also be interesting to see what bandwidth the storage
> is capable of providing, first single node then simultaneous from both
> nodes.

I am planning on getting to this and will send out more numbers
when I have them.

Does gfs support external logs?   Seems like this would help
isolate the log traffic.



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