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Re: [Linux-cluster] supported switch list?

On Wed, 2004-10-20 at 02:39, Anne M. Hammond wrote:
> The installation documentation lists several supported
> switches for fencing (Brocade, Vixel), but I haven't
> found a list of supported switches for general cluster/
> gfs setup.  Specifically, what about the Qlogic SANbox
> 5200?  Is it safe to assume any FC switch will perform
> the basics? 

When fencing is concerned, it might not be safe.... 

Each fencing agent has it's own logic of disconnecting specific ports,
ie. some agents use telnet for accessing switches, and therefor, depend
on specific CLI implementation; other may use SNMP, where we might have
problem with (non)standard MIB's (sadly, not all switches support
FE-MIB, which is supposed to be a standard). 

fence_sanbox2 has been tested on SANBox2 8 and SANBox2 16 switches. It
uses CLI (telnet) for accessing switch. It uses "admin start" and "set
port <portnumer> state offline/online" commands. If SANBox 5200 uses the
same syntax / procedure for bringing the port down/up, it'll work for

If not, I'll be happy to write fence_sanbox5k2 for you, as soon as you
provide apropriate CLI commands and test the agent before someone
commits it into CVS. 

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