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Re: [Linux-cluster] userspace tools on

On Wed, Oct 20, 2004 at 05:08:30PM -0400, linux-cluster-rhn chaj com wrote:
> We just recently compiled a new 2.6.8 kernel with GFS support. Can I still use
> the old userspace tools that we were using on 2.6.7? I'm having problems
> running the cman_tool join command after I start up ccsd. The message I'm
> getting is:
> [root testhost1 cluster]# cman_tool join
> can't open cluster socket: Address family not supported by protocol

The address family used by cman was changed some time ago because it conflicted
with bluetooth. So it could well be that you have a version of cman_tool that is
using PF 31 whereas cman is now using PF 30.

In short, yes you'll have to rebuild the tools.

Because several parts of this are still under development, I'm afraid you'll
have to expect occasional changes in API until things settle down. That should
be quite soon now though, I hope.



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