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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS

I've done a lot of testing with a similar set up as you describe about 1 month ago and found the following issues:

1) GFS seems to scale well with raw throughput but not with raw file operations (no matter how we tuned the fast)
2) fsck times are too slow for large file systems in a production environment
3) GFS has serious issues recovering from various fail modes
4) Some fail modes result in file system corruption that can even crash a node when attempting to remount the file system

Other than that it does work and the gnbd gives good performance. Maybe the above issues have been sorted out since I last tested. However it is a complex piece of software that I feel requires a lot of work before it can be used reliably in a production environment.

Patrick wrote:


Would GFS be able to handle ( or how would i check ) say 10 or more
machines over a san ( IBM FAST T600 ) running a web / mail / i/o
dependant system ?


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