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[Linux-cluster] ccsd and mounting gfs errors

Hi, similar to the problem below, I'm getting ccsd errs in /v/l/messages and
get a "Permission denied" error when trying to mount my gfs partition.

Node  Votes Exp Sts  Name
   1    1    1   M   nfstest2
   2    1    1   M   nfstest1

Service          Name                              GID LID State     Code

are the same on both machines.

/v/l/messages simply shows:
Oct 24 04:02:00 nfstest1 ccsd[1387]: Error while processing connect:
Oct 24 04:02:31 nfstest1 last message repeated 31 times
Oct 24 04:03:32 nfstest1 last message repeated 61 times

I was able to create to gfs_mkfs the partition after creating it in fdisk, but
just can't get it to mount. Any idea what the ccsd connection refused errors

These are two Dell 1850s btw, Redhat FC1 -, fiberchanneled straight
into an EMC. Thanks in advance.


On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, Derek Anderson wrote:

> Please attach 'cat /proc/cluster/nodes' and 'cat /proc/cluster/services'
> from each of the nodes prior to the mount attempt.  Also, any messages
> produced in /var/log/messages from the mount.
> >
> > mount -t gfs /dev/test_gfs/lv_test /mnt
> > lock_dlm: init_fence error -1
> > GFS: can't mount proto = lock_dlm, table = test:partage1, hostdata =
> > mount: permission denied

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