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Re: [Linux-cluster] ccsd and mounting gfs errors

Master Brassow,

Your tip did the trick. I stringed through the libmagma.a and where did I find
the plugin dir? /usr/src/gfs-cluster/build/lib/magma/plugins !!! What the
heck? This was the compile dir from another box. I copied the dir over, and
voila, got the quorate connected msg in the log. Thanks again for your help. I
just have to figure out how to compile this again correcting that plugin dir.


On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, Jonathan E Brassow wrote:

> yeah, should work...  There isn't a /lib/magma or /lib/libmagma* on
> your system is there?  If there is, remove them and recompile.
> For some reason, it seems that magma is not finding those plugins.  You
> could check your magma library to see if it is referencing the right
> dir....  'strings /usr/local/gfs/usr/lib/libmagma.a | less' and search
> for "plugins" - it should point to a string containing the dir that you
> expect.
> My guess is that somehow a different magma lib is being used to compile
> ccsd - hence the initial question.  Additionally, you could be using an
> old ccsd (which uses old libs and old paths to plugins) instead of the
> one that got installed to /usr/local/gfs/sbin/ccsd - which is what you
> should be using.  'which ccsd' will tell you whether you are using what
> you think you are using.

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