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RE: [Linux-cluster] clvmd without GFS?


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> 7) Ugh.  OK, let's try it on the other node:
> greenville:/mnt/xs_media# time sh -c 'ls 
> 100032/mls/fmls_stills | wc -l'
> 298407
> real    77m38.569s
> user    0m8.850s
> sys     0m35.006s
> Both systems are sitting there idle now.  What did I do by 
> unmounting and remounting the GFS partition?
> For the record that is just over 12GB of data in those 298407 files. 
> Partition is 3% full (as reported by df).
> Help...?

I'd be curious to know if it makes a difference if you mount using -o
noatime option (see man mount)?  The default access-time update
threshold for GFS is 3600 seconds (1 hour).  This can cause a bunch of
write transactions to happen, even if you're just doing a read operation
such as ls.  Since your exercise is taking over an hour, this might be
thrashing the atime updates, but I don't know how much that might be

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