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Re: [Linux-cluster] cluster with mixed versions

On Thu, Oct 28, 2004 at 05:12:35PM -0700, Daniel McNeil wrote:
> When upgrading my test cluster from to 2.6.9,
> I rebooted my cluster 1 node at a time.
> I noticed that the 2.6.9 node did not join the cluster
> with the nodes.  When I reboot the 2nd node to
> 2.6.9, the 2 nodes running 2.6.9 formed a cluster, but
> the 3rd node running was left in his own cluster
> without quorum.
> Does this mean one cannot have a cluster of mixed versions?
> This seems like it could be a problem for rolling upgrades
> (not a big deal right now).

You can run mixed kernel version, but you should (at least at this stage) use the
same cluster patches on all nodes. The code is still in a state of change
(though stabilising now) and I made a change to the wire protocol fairly
recently to accommodate a needed feature. This explains why the newer nodes are
talking to each other but not the older one.

If you put the new code into a (it should work) kernel then it should
connect OK.



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