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Re: [Linux-cluster] IMAP server clustering ...


I looked into it and it is a great solution in my mind, but the problem there is the number of servers you would require. We are very limited for space in the IDC (about 1 rack left) and we want to be able to host 30,000 plus users worth of e-mail.

So at the moment due to space restrictions either a shared storage or out sourcing e-mail are the only options I can see.


Tony Fraser wrote:
On Thu, 2004-10-28 at 12:14, Michael Gale wrote:

So if some one was planing to build a large e-mail solution for lets say 30,000 plus users here are a few options.

1. Have all mail sent to a share storage device (SAN,NAS, ...). Then have multiple IMAP / POP3 servers access the same shared device via FC or NFS.

2. You could send each message to a specific server which holds some users accounts. Depending on which server you use will depend on where the mail goes.

3. Look into Cyrus MURDER. I hate to bring it up on a cluster mailing
list but it may be what your looking for.

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