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Re: [Linux-cluster] updating running cluster.conf

thanks David,

sending a HUP to ccsd was the step I was missing. once I remmembered all of my closing slashes and spelled passwd correctly everything worked fine :-)

On Fri, 29 Oct 2004, David Teigland wrote:

On Thu, Oct 28, 2004 at 01:50:12PM -0700, chekov ucla edu wrote:
I've been running a two-node cluster for a month or so and finally got
myself a couple of APC master switches to perform automatic fencing.
I want to update my cluster.conf file to reflect the new fencing method but
I'd like to do it without an interruption in service.
When I join a node the cluster simply copies over the old cluster.conf file
to the new nodes /etc/cluster directory.  So simply joining a new node with
a new config file doesn't do it.
I tried using "cman_tool version -r" in an attempt to update the conf
version.  However now it just rejects node addition in general (and does
not update the running cluster.conf file)...

in short, I don't know how to introduce the new changes without taking down
all nodes.  any ideas?

1. have both nodes running as cluster members using the original cluster.conf

2. on one node, update /etc/cluster/cluster.conf, incrementing

3. on this same node run "killall -HUP ccsd"

4. verify that the new cluster.conf exists on both nodes

5. on this same node run "cman_tool -r <new config_version>"

6. check /proc/cluster/status to verify the new config version

I just tried this and it works with the current code in cvs.  If it fails
for you you may need to update (which probably requires upgrading both
nodes together making it a moot point.)

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