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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS cluster components?

Brian Jackson wrote:


hardware. At this point, GFS's SAN roots are still there, so I'd
suggest a SAN if you really want reliable (although it is possible to
build a GFS setup without a SAN). You can also use a regular network
(although I'd suggest at least gigabit ethernet) and something like
GNBD, iSCSI, etc. to build it. You can also use a firewire drive
connected between 2 computers for the really cheap (although the
reliability is pretty much gone at this point).

Are these alternative setups certified or are they workable implementations ?

One thing to note is
that currently the kernel's software raid layer isn't cluster
friendly, so you won't have a way to do data redundancy unless your
storage array/etc. is doing it.

Hey, thanks for this bit of information.


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