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[Linux-cluster] Unclean shutdown/restart procedure

I believe this is a bug, but it may be I misunderstand how to cleanly
bring up/down a whole cluster.

I have a 3-node cluster, using today's CVS.  I can bring it up fine, mount
a gfs filesystem over iscsi on each node, then shut it down fine, using
the procedures from useage.txt.  However, if I then startup again without
rebooting, when I get to clvmd -d , it will increase the active subsystem
count, and fail with:

  Unable to create lockspace for CLVM
  Can't initialise cluster interface

and the kernel log shows:

  dlm: Can't bind to port 21064
  dlm: cannot start lowcomms -98

At this point the node that ran clvmd has an active subsystem count of
one.  Shutting down the cluster (using cman_tool leave force) and
restarting it does not change this. Trying to run clvmd in this state
causes the machine to immediately hang with no messages to the log or


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