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[Linux-cluster] Problem with RHEL3 and GFS-, Kernel Panic


            I’ testing the GFS in RHEL3 but I have some problems.


            I have 2 servers connect to a shared SCSI storage and one of the serves is the lock server (I don’t have redundancy at this moment to lock_server, it is just for testing)


            Server1 (mount gfs filesystem + lock_server)

            Server2 (mount gfs filessystem)


            This is the test I have made in the server 1


            /etc/init.d/lock_gulmd stop

            /etc/init.d/lock_gulmd start


            After 2..3  seconds


            gfs1  login: lock_gulm: Checking for journals for node “gfs1”

            lock_gulm: ERROR Got an error in gulm_res_recvd err: -71

            lock_gulm: ERROR gulm_LT recver err -71

            lock_gulm: ERROR Got a -1111 trying to login to lock_gulm. It it running?


            Lock_gulm: Assertion failed on line 50 of file gulm_core.c

            Lock_gulm: assertion: “gulm_cm_GenerationI == gen”

            Kernel panic:

            Lock_gulm: Record message above and reboot







       Paulo Sousa



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