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[Linux-cluster] [Fwd: FW: Call for papers deadline extension: HAPCW2004]


    Alan Robertson <alanr unix sh>

"Openness is the foundation and preservative of friendship... Let me claim from you at all times your undisguised opinions." - William Wilberforce
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Dear Colleagues,
	We have extended our CFP deadline for one more week (Sep 24, 2004).
We will appreciate if you could help forwarding this message to any ones who
may be interested in our workshop and paper submission.



                		Call for Papers 
High Availability and Performance Computing Workshop (HAPCW) 2004
               Eldorado Hotel - Santa Fe, New Mexico

HAPCW 2004 will be held on October 12, 2004 in conjunction with the 2004
Los Alamos Computer Science Institute Symposium 2004 (LACSI2004), at the
Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. High Availability (HA) Computing
has long played a critical role in commercial mission critical
applications. Likewise, High Performance Computing HPC) has equally been
a significant enabler of the R&D community for their scientific
discoveries. Serviceability aims toward effective means by which
corrective and preventive maintenance can be performed on a system.
Higher serviceability improves availability and helps sustaining
quality, performance and continuity of services at expected
levels. Together, the combination of HA, Serviceability, and HPC will
clearly lead to even more benefits to critical shared major HEC resource

HAPCW2004 will provide an important venue for discussing state-of-art
and on-going research and development in HAPC. In addition to the
presentation of reviewed papers, the workshop will include a panel
discussion of relevant topics.

Topics of interest are those relevant to HAPC including the following:
* High Availability (Reliability) and Performance Computing Analysis.
* Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) management in HEC
* Serviceability in Cluster, Grid and HEC Computing
* Architecture, Middleware and Tools supporting HAPC.
* High Availability and Performance Cluster Computing.
* Experiences creating HAPC environments and current project status.
* Autonomic Computing - Self-healing, Self-configuration,
      Self-optimization, and Fault Tolerance.
* Configuration, Resource and Fault Management.
* Educations and Applications in HAPC.

Submission Guidelines:
Original, unpublished work is required. Work-in-progress papers/reports
are acceptable material. Full papers should be submitted for review -
maximum of 6-pages (two columns, single space, 10 point font), including
tables and illustrations. Accepted contributions will be published in
the proceedings website and CD - to be available at the workshop.
The final manuscript shall be a maximum of 6 IEEE style pages in
Camera-Ready. Please send all papers by email, in Postscript
or PDF format to: scottsl ornl gov 

* September 24, 2004 Extended Abstract Due
* October 1, 2004 Acceptance Notification
* October 6, 2004 Final paper due (electronic copy)
* October 12, 2004 Workshop (HAPCW) at LACSI

Program Committee:
* Alan Robertson (IBM)
* Amy Apron (University of Arkansas)
* Andy Yoo (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
* Ben He (Tennessee Tech University)
* Box Leangsuksun (Louisiana Tech University)
* Christian Engelmann (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
* Chris Cunningham (Louisiana Tech University)
* Gabrielle Allen (Louisiana State University)
* Henry Neeman (Oklahoma University)
* Ibrahim Haddad (Ericsson)
* Paul Gray (Northern Iowa University)
* Stephen L. Scott (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
* Yung-Chin Fang (Dell)

Web Sites:
* HAPCW http://xcr.cenit.latech.edu/hapcw October 12, 2004
* LACSI http://lacsi.lanl.gov/symposium October 12-14, 2004

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