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[Linux-cluster] Configuration Question

I am running cluster suite with RH ES 3.0 and 7 server nodes, and have a configuration question.  I would like to have a backup server in my configuration which is normally not running any services – failed services in my cluster are to always failover to the backup server.  I think I can do this by having restricted failover domains consisting of 2 members – the active server and the backup; i.e. there would be 6 such restricted failover domains defined, one for each active server (or maybe there is an easier way – any suggestions?), all pointing to the same backup server.


The problem is that my cluster configuration currently obtain the IP address of the backup server through DNS.  After a failure occurs we are changing the DNS so that a different server assumes the backup role - in other words, after the services are switched to the backup and the failed server is repaired, the repaired server then assumes the backup server role.  Since the IP addresses of the servers in the cluster suite are obtained through DNS, this effectively changes the IP addresses out from under the cluster suite, and I'm not sure what effect this may have on the system.  Is there a better way to achieve what we are trying to do?




Andy Bonaffini

Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems and Sensors

Manassas, VA

andrew bonaffini lmco com

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