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[Linux-cluster] Dell PowerVault 210 Cluster

I've configured two PowerEdge 2450's each with a Perc 2/DC connected to a PowerVault 210s via a pair of SEMM's. Updated PERC firmware to provide Cluster support and enabled this on both, adjusting the initiator id on one so they are not the same. Configured array and installed Red Hat Fedora Core 2 on both machines, and mounted the external array as an ext3 filesystem successfully on each.

Both machines can mount and write to the external array, but neither can see the others files. I guess this makes sense as each machine has it's own inode table for the filesystem. Probably safe to assume writes will soon lead to corruption of each others files.

Is such a cluster possible under linux? Do I need to use GFS or another filesystem to handle this configuration, or is there another way to syncronize these systems?

Thank You

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