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Re: [Linux-cluster] Need advice on cluster configuration

On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 13:24 -0700, Daniel Cunningham wrote:

>    1.whats the relationship between the raw devices used in the cluster 
> software (which can share raw networked storage w/out GFS?) and when 
> your using GFS on  top of it (or are the two unrelated)?

The two are more or less unrelated.  Raw devices in clumanager are used
for storing internal clumanager states, and have a minimum size of 10mb

Components of GFS (CCA, pool volumes, file systems, etc.) can not be
used atop of those two raw devices, but may be used atop of the same
GNBD volume (with partitioning, of course!).

>    2.  rgmanager, how is this different from the cluster software's 
> fallback (failback?) domains and members taking over a service and a 
> related floating ip from a fallen member? 
> again thanks for your time

rgmanager ~= clumanager+1

Rgmanager is similar to clumanager, but is a bit more modular: it
supports on-the-fly reconfigurations of services and uses CMAN+DLM or
gulm for the infrastructure instead of providing its own.

-- Lon

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