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Re: [Linux-cluster] Configuration of a 2 node HA cluster with gfs

Sorry, missed this one...

On Mon, 2005-04-18 at 09:19 +0200, Birger Wathne wrote:

> The big surprise for me was that ifconfig and exportfs don't show the IP 
> address and exports set up by the cluster, but at least the ip certainly 
> works.

/sbin/ip addr list <-- should show the IPs

exportfs should show the exports.  If it's not, there may be something
broken.  I'll have a look.

>  My problem now is that I get permission denied when mounting on the 
> clients, and the logfile on the server says the clients are unknown. Seems 
> like it isn't resolving them, as they are listed only with ip address in the 
> log. Or could it be that I cannot use <nfsexport> without a <fs>?

<nfsexport> just sets up a path for <nfsclient> to inherit. ;)

The thought here is that clients can be reused.  Exports don't get set
up unless there are clients.

> How would I normally go about having a gfs file system mounted at boot. 
> Create a service bound to server1 that mounts it? Or can it be put in 
> /etc/fstab? smbsvc is supposed to operate on the same file system, so I want 
> the file system to always be there independent of the nfssvc and smbsvc.

Use fstab.  Putting GFS file systems in rgmanager's config section just
causes it to make sure it's mounted.

-- Lon

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