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Re: [Linux-cluster] Configuration of a 2 node HA cluster with gfs

On Thursday 14 April 2005 07:53, birger wrote:
> I have a lot of experience with Veritas FirstWatch and some with
> SunCluster, so I am not new to HA services. Now I have this server that
> I have to get up and running as quickly as possible... And I find little
> documentation about how to get this software up and running from a fresh
> install.
> I have one old file server with external scsi disks, and one new server
> with a SCSI-attached Nexsan ATAboy RAID array.
> I want to set up the new file server as half of a 2-node cluster and get
> it into production. Then move over data (and disks) from the old server
> until I can reinstall that one as the second cluster node.

You need a cluster mirror.  See cluster/cmirror on sourceware.org.  
Alternatively, you could run an order 0 ddraid array, which is equivalent 
to a cluster mirror, but caters to the non-shared disk case as well.   

Actually, your case amounts to a shared disk since you will not export any 
storage from the smaller node, as I understand it.  However, DDRaid will 
work fine, and should you decide to export storage from the second node as 
well, it will just work, giving you an easy upgrade path.

That is the good news.  Now I must temper it with: ... !DDRaid is still 
pre-alpha! ... Don't expect it to make any sense for a production machine 
for at least the next few months.  See cluster/ddraid for more information.

(I will demonstrate ddraid running on five or ten nodes of a 12 node 
distributed data cluster tomorrow afternoon here in Canberra, so it is not 
_that_ far away.)



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