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Re: [Linux-cluster] Problem with nfsclient.sh status checking

birger wrote:

I have now looked into the error messages I get in /var/log/messages saying things like
Apr 26 13:03:08 server1 clurgmgrd[4969]: <notice> status on nfsclient "nis-hosts" returned 1 (generic error)

The problem is in nfsclient.sh. It uses the output from exportfs to check that file systems are still exported. When the mount point name is longer than 14 characters exportfs breaks the line. This breaks nfsclient.sh.

A little more info... Whenever the status check failed the client got stale NFS handle for a little while. I guess the entry got unexported and reexported. Stale NFS handles are a bad thing. Hanging NFS service is better from a data integrity point of view.

The very quick and dirty fix follows. Edit status check in /usr/share/cluster/nfsclient.sh to look like this
exportfs -v | tr -d "\n" | sed -e 's/([^)]*)/\n/g'| grep -q "^${OCF_RESKEY_path}[\t ]*.*${OCF_RESKEY_target}"

the -v option to exportfs is used to give an easy way to put line breaks in just where they are supposed to be.


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