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[Linux-cluster] Re: [PATCH 00/14] GFS

>> > because reiser got merged before jbd. Next question.
>> That is the wrong reason.  We use our own journaling layer for the
>> reason that Vivaldi used his own melody.
>> [...] He might want to look at how reiser4 does wandering
>> logs instead of using jbd..... but I would never claim that for sure
>> some other author should be expected to use it.....  and something like
>> changing one's journaling system is not something to do just before a
>> merge.....
> Do you see my point here?  If every person who added new kernel code
> just wrote their own thing without checking to see if it had already
> been done before, then there would be a lot of poorly maintained code
> in the kernel.  If a journalling layer already exists, _new_ journaled
> filesystems should either (A) use the layer as is, or (B) fix the layer
> so it has sufficient functionality for them to use, and submit patches.

Maybe jbd 'sucks' for something 'cool' like reiser*, and modifying jbd to be 
'eleet enough' for reiser* would overwhelm ext.

Lastly, there is the 'political' thing, when a <your-favorite-jbd-fs>-only 
specific change to jbd is rejected by all other jbd-using fs. (Basically the 
situation thing that leads to software forks, in any area.)

Jan Engelhardt

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