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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fencing agents

On Thu, Aug 04, 2005 at 11:00:47AM +0000, "Sævaldur Arnar Gunnarsson [Hugsmiðjan]" wrote:
> Well .. when I manually run the fence_drac.pl perl script and supply it 
> with the ip of the DRAC (-a login name (-l root) 
> DRAC/MC module name (-m Server-1) and the password (-p dummypassword) 
> the machine in question (Server-1) powers down and doesn't power back on.

Interesting... :(
> How do I implement this in cluster.xml (specify the ip/login/pass/module 
> name) 

Typically, the parameters are suppose to be in the manpage for the agent.
If they are not, then it should be considered a bug.  I think this will work
for, but I've not tested the bellow config, so it might not be error free :)

      <fencedevice name="dracula"
         action="reboot" />

      <clusternode name="servername">
         <method name="1">
            <device name="dracula" module="Server-1"/>

>and shouldn't it power back up afterwards ?

The default action is suppose to be "reboot" as in the machine should come
back online.  I don't know why it isn't.  If you continue to have problems,
try enabling the debugging output from the command line:

fence_drac -a -l root -p dummypassword -m Server-1 \
	-D /tmp/drac.log -v

Keep us posted.

> JACOB_LIBERMAN Dell com wrote:
> >The 1855 has a built in ERA controller. You can modify the fencing agents 
> >to either send "racadm serveraction powercycle" or install the PERL telent 
> >module and create your own fencing script. The former option requires that 
> >the rac management software be installed on the host. I havent tested this 
> >with the 1855 btw.
> >
> >http://sources.redhat.com/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/cluster/fence/agents/drac/?cvsroot=cluster
> >
> >The fence_drac agent out on the CVS should work for you. If you cant get 
> >it working, let me know, and ill see if I can dig up an 1855 in the lab.
> >
> >Thanks, jacob
> >
> >
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> >>Subject: [Linux-cluster] Fencing agents
> >>
> >>I'm implementing a shared storage between multiple (2 at the 
> >>moment) Blade machines (Dell PowerEdge 1855) running RHEL4 ES 
> >>connected to a EMC AX100 through FC.
> >>
> >>The SAN has two FC ports so the need for a FC Switch has not 
> >>yet come however we will add other Blades in the coming months.
> >>The one thing I haven't got figured out with GFS and the 
> >>Cluster-Suite is the whole idea about fencing.
> >>
> >>We have a working setup using Centos rebuilds of the 
> >>Cluster-Suite and GFS (http://rpm.karan.org/el4/csgfs/) which 
> >>we are not planning to use in the final implementation where 
> >>we plan to use the official GFS packages from Red Hat.
> >>The fencing agents in that setup is manual fencing.
> >>
> >>Both machines have the file system mounted and there appears 
> >>to be no problems.
> >>
> >>What does "automatic" fencing have to offer that the manual 
> >>fencing lacks.
> >>If we decide to buy the FC switch right away is it recomended 
> >>that we buy one of the ones that have fencing agent available 
> >>for the Cluster-Suite ?
> >>
> >>If can't get our hands on supported FC switchs can we do 
> >>fencing in another manner than throught a FC switch ?
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
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Adam Manthei  <amanthei redhat com>

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