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Re: [Linux-cluster] RH exporting local disks as LUNs.

Naoki пишет:

RH / Fedora can export devices as iSCSI.

This question may show my total ignorance but I'm not above that ;)

Is there anything stopping me from exporting a device or a volume as a
raw SCSI or FC-AL LUN for example. Could a linux box be made to be (act
like) a SCSI or FC disk?

The idea is this.. Hook up a couple of boxes with plenty of internal
disk (as a raid 5 set) to an FC switch. Export the two LUNs and then on
a client server, LVM mirror the sets.

I could then put NFS (for example) on the client server.

If there is a limitation here is it driver, hardware, or both?

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Yes, you can.
Probably a single point of failure in this will be the NFS server and also the FC switch.
And why in this case not to put the storage directly to the NFS server?

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