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[Linux-cluster] RE: values for gnbd multipath dmsetup



Ok I figured out id just try some of the vaules from the previous post without fully understanding them, and multipath appears to be working.



[size=546 GB][features="0"][hwhandler="0"] \_ round-robin 0 [active][first]

  \_ 0:0:0:0      251:0   [undef ][active]

\_ round-robin 0 [enabled]

  \_ 0:0:0:0      251:4   [undef ][active]




But I stil get an error


[root dell-1650-31 ~]# mount -t gfs /dev/mapper/dm-1 /mnt/gfs1

mount: /dev/dm-1: can't read superblock


if I do a dmsetup remove dm-1, then mount the individual gnbds all is well, but the purpose of this is to enable some sore of failover which I am told GNBD has the capability of doing.


From redhats main site and documentation for gfs 6.1 they state that multipath is not supported in the 6.1 realease however I optained this source from CVS and the main docs for http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/gnbd/  state that multipath is an option. Can someone clarify whether the CVS stabile sources for kernel-2.6.12 is multipath compatable, or am I doing something wrong?


Current specs.

SAN -> MSA-1000


3 GNBD servers currently using software iSCSI to mount that SAN – will prob go fiber if I can figure this out. ( lets say this cluster is called cluster1)

Using DLM & GNBD


1 client for testing separate cluster name lets say “cluster2”

Client mounted the gnbd from one of the servers that is exporting it, the servers are not mounting it, then formatted the device with gfs & created 20 journals size of 32MB each, remounted the device and verified write and read (bonnie++)

Ran dmsetup to round robin the devices then failed to mount the volume as shown above.




Brian Urrutia

System Administrator

Price Communications Inc.


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