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Re: [Linux-cluster] Where to go with cman ?

Steven Dake wrote:
> Thats great news Patrick.  One thing you should be aware of is that I
> have changed some of the internal interfaces in preparation for others
> to use libtotem to be extremely more sanitary.  Unfortunately I may have
> done this a little too late in your case..  But I think you will find
> things are a little better.  It really only effects totempg_initialize.
> Also libtotem was renamed to libtotem_pg because of requests from Daniel
> about a name-space collision with some movie player in fc4.

Yes I spotted that, my current "nearly-working" cman is based on the latest SVN

> For multihoming, I want to support the totem redundant ring protocol in
> the totem code.  This is an extension of totemsrp to support multiple
> nics per processor.  Then data is either actively or passively
> replicated over multiple links.  There is essentially no failover and
> multiple links can offer better performance and still operate properly
> when one entire network fails.  It looks pretty simple to implement.
> The paper is at:
> http://www.rcsc.de/pdf/icdcs02.pdf

Excellent, thanks. I'll have a read.



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