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[Linux-cluster] /bin/login hangs on NFS troubles

Hi all,

we have a problem with the configuration of a linux cluster based on RH ES3 WS. The cluster contains 230+ nodes; these nodes are sharing /usr/local/bin over NFS due to shared scripts for health checking.

Now, if we encounter NFS problems, the login process is hanging non-stop until the NFS connection is back again.
After checking all startup scripts and $PATH definitions we found out, that the /bin/login binary itself is pre-defining the $PATH hardwired with /usr/local/bin in the beginning.

Unfortunately we cannot change the /usr/local/bin down to the local disk again, but need a solution to be able to login even or especially with NFS problems to start investigation.

Do you have any nice idea, how to get rid of this problem ? Changing the binary and rebuild the package is one, but we don't like it because of missing update possibility after it ...

Thnx in advance


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