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Re: [Linux-cluster] Which APC fence device ?

On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 13:22 -0400, Greg Forte wrote:
> Eric Kerin wrote:
> >On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 10:20 -0400, Greg Forte wrote:
> >>Great, thanks.
> >>
> >>I'm new to this sort of hardware, not sure exactly what you mean by 
> >>"outlet groups", could you elaborate?
> >>
> > 
> > It's a feature on the APC 7900 that will allow a single command to one
> > 7900 to automatically turn off/on ports on other 7900s via the network.
> > I use it to turn off both power supplies on my cluster nodes at once,
> > while still providing redundant paths for power.
> Ah, I see.  Yes, I will probably be wanting to do the same thing, if you 
> could forward me your patch I'd appreciate it.

I attached the modified fence_apc agent for use with Outlet Groups, just
replace fence_apc in /sbin with this one (as long as you're using outlet
groups, if you're not you'll have to use the original one that comes
with the cluster software.)  I'll whip up a proper, non-outlet group
compatible, patch when I get some time.

When you setup your fence devices, you'll want to use the name of the
port, instead of the port number.  My config looks like this for the
node's fence device config:
<device name="AUHAPC01" port="AUHJPSN01A" switch="0"/>

Or if you don't rename the ports: 
<device name="AUHAPC01" port="Outlet 1" switch="0"/>

By default the port names are "Outlet X", but if you change them like I
did just use whatever you called the port.

Hope this helps


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