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Re: [Linux-cluster] Where to go with cman ?

For those not reading the commit list the ais-based cman is now in CVS - be
careful with it...

For the moment it downloads a prepackaged/patched version of the openais source
from my people.redhat.com web site. This /will/ change. In fact the only
additional patch in there is one Steven posted to the openais mailing list so
don't think I'm hiding anything!
There's still a lot of work to do on this code but is basically works with a few
1. Barriers are completely untested and may not work at all.
2. Don't start several nodes up at the same time, they might get the same
   node ID(!) unless you used static node IDs.
3. The exec path for cmand is hard coded (in the Makefile) to ../daemon/cmand
   so you must currently always run cman_tool from the dev directory unless
   you change it.
4. Broadcast is no longer supported. If you fail to specify a multicast address
   cman_tool will provide one.
5. IPv6 is unsupported, I'm going to start on that next!
6. Error reporting is probably rubbish.

Generally it seems to work. I can certainly get the DLM up with it now.


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